Deadline For Adapting To New Rules On Contracts Between The Economically Dependent Self-Employed Individual And Their Principle Client

6 August 2009

In the event that the contract was signed following Law 20/2007’s entrance into effect, the contract must be adapted to the new regulations when the contract is signed.

As of today’s date, delays or non-compliance with the mandatory adaptation of the contacts for self-employed individuals who meet the requirements to be considered economically dependent will not incur any fines for either the client or the TRADE himself.

Finally, I would like to highlight some new rights for the TRADE which go hand in hand with this new regulation, such as, for example, the right to agree on the maximum shift length and the system of weekly rest periods and holidays and the right to receive compensation if the client terminates the contract without just cause, as well as the amount of said compensation.

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