New Regulations Affecting Inheritances In Catalonia

22 August 2008

This new Catalonian law regulates indispensable and decisive aspects of all mortis causa transfers such as:
  • possession,
  • probate,
  • acquiring the inheritance,
  • inheritance pacts,
  • recumbent inheritance, etc.

In any event, each inheritance must first differentiate between the testate- either by the will or other acceptable document-, the contractual- including donations for cause of death- and the intestate; and many preventive and remedial aspects must be taken into account- especially the fiscal ones which is why it is worthwhile to consult a well-trained expert (notary official, tax advisor, attorney, etc.) regarding foreseeable or likely past, present and future aspects in order to prepare a proper will, which in most cases is, can be, and should be simple.

And if it is too late to prepare a will, the work of attorneys and tax advisors can avoid further problems, headaches and money.

This new Catalonian law should be and is extensive and detailed, as all inheritances can involve a large array of possible situations and circumstances, i.e. recumbent inheritance, unworthiness to succeed, legitimate, etc.

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