The Spanish Data Protection Agency Creates International Standards

20 April 2009

This important project originated in the passing of a resolution on “the urgent need for protecting privacy in a borderless world” by the International Conference of Data Protection and Privacy (Closed session of the 30th conference).

In drafting said Standards Guide, the AEPD is following a methodology which takes into account the contributions of the data protection expert community “in order to achieve the widest possible institutional and social consensus” for the proposal. To that end, the AEPD has solicited comments on its draft and its explanatory memo from an array of experts, including mmmm attorney Belén Arribas.  

Once the experts’ comments have been taken into account, the new version of the draft will be analyzed and eventually passed as the Joint Bill for International Standards for Data Protection in the 31st conference of the International Conference of Data Protection and Privacy which is to be held in Madrid on November 4-6.

For furhter information, please contact Belén Arribas Sánchez: