The Relevance of Spain’s New Arbitration Law

10-04-2004 - Published June 2004 edition of 'The Law in the European Union' ,page 45

Spain’s new Arbitration Law is extremely relevant to development of commercial relations between Spain and the international business community. On May 1st 2004, 10 new countries mainly from Central and Eastern Europe, joined the European Union. These newcomers add 75 million inhabitants to the EU and augments its territory by a third, extending its frontiers to the doors of Russia. This fact is significant in that commercial growth in these countries will have a positive impact on the macroeconomics of the European economy and international trade, where Spain will play an important role as a place for business and as a neutral place to settle disputes.

Publicado June 2004 edition of ‘The Law in the European Union’ ,page 45.

Authors: C. Hamilton, E.Vazquez